What is #ChaosTwitter?

Johann Warnholtz
2 min readApr 8, 2021


Chaos: (noun) complete disorder and confusion.

Ever since #ChaosTwitter started a few weeks ago, this question has come up time and time again. I thought I would take some time to explain what it is and why it has become such an incredible community on the Bird App.

A few weeks ago, a thread started on someone’s tweet that quickly devolved into a chaotic, random cornucopia of GIFs and jokes. Brands like DiGiorno and Valveeta were tagged, they responded, and the total number of people mentioned per Tweet grew to over 20. Notifications came in by the dozen and it was virtually impossible to keep up. But it was very fun!

#ChaosTwitter was born.

A couple of days later, another thread began, sparked by a mention. We were off to the races again and I was having the most fun I had ever had on Twitter. I knew I needed to connect with all these hilarious and wonderful people, so I started a group DM and added the core group to it.

We quickly coalesced into a group of friends. Right off the bat, everyone was extremely supportive of each other, despite never having met in real-life. Within a week, we were all chatting daily and learning so much about and from each other.

We were sharing website designs and blog posts for feedback. We were promoting each other’s ideas and projects, encouraging each other, and sharing victories and losses. We built a genuine community virtually overnight.

But what tied us all together?

People have asked, “What is #ChaosTwitter?” and it has been difficult to answer because it formed… chaotically. I put some thought into it and here is my answer:

#ChaosTwitter is a community of people who embrace the chaotic nature of life. We are professionals who understand that we can’t always be professional. We are humorous, vulnerable people who, after a year of quarantine, found each other and a collective desire to support one another. We share a love for community, humanity, not taking ourselves too seriously, and chaos.

Since it started, #ChaosTwitter has raised money for Stop AAPI Hate by selling merchandise, we launched #MTSpotlights, promoted each other, practiced our public speaking together, and there are even whispers of a #ChaosCon real-life meetup in the future. We have interacted with huge brands, grown our group immensely, and have had bundles of fun.

#ChaosTwitter is what makes Twitter fun for me. It drives me to stay positive, reminds me to have fun, and encourages me to be creative and authentic.

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